Few have seen him. Among the foxes, he is the greatest and wisest. The AGUARÁ lives in our lands, but is rarely seen. Our Aguará, is a Tannat that embodies the spirit of this fox, standing out for its magnificent and mysterious singularity.

Limited edition of 1100 bottles, unique and unrepeatable.

About Us

Born from the whim of two great friends, Dirk and Paul, to fulfill the dream of having their own winery.
Dirk arrived to Argentina at the age of 23, in search of new experiences. He could not imagine that in that land, so far away from his native Germany, he was going to meet Paul, who became his friend, mentor and family. It has now been over 30 years from that moment, and today they are partners in an impressive field of 200 hectares located in the Central region of Uruguay, in El Carmen -Durazno-. The vineyard covers 7 exclusive hectares, that are unique and sufficient to start this small family winery, continuing with the whim of bottling their dreams.


"Aguará Special Reserve", is a limited edition of 1100 bottles of an exceptional Tannat, aged during 18 months in small French oak barrels of first use.

"El Capricho Reserve" is a line of wines aged during 12 months in small barrels of French and American oak.

"El Capricho Art Collection" is a line of young and vibrant wines that highlight the fresh-ness of the fruit and the specificity of our unique terroir.



Winery Address:
Bulevar Artigas esquina 18 de Julio - Villa del Carmen. Durazno, Uruguay

Vineyard Address:
Ruta 14 km. 231,5 - Villa del Carmen. Durazno, Uruguay